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Fall Leaf Table Quilt
Fall Leaf Table Quilt


5 Inch Square Quilt
5 Inch Square Quilt


Wedding Quilt
Wedding Quilt

Custom Made Quilts or Longarm Quilting Services Available

Quilt Making
We will make your quilt according to your pattern. We must see the pattern in order to quote a price. Memory quilts and T-Shirt quilts are our specialty. This is a great way to preserve your loved one’s memory.

Longarm Quilting
We can quilt table toppers to king (up to 115”). We do all over stipple/meandering from .015 to .02 per square inch., Blocks and custom designs are priced when seen. We have lots of digital designs and a large selection of thread colors.

Quilt tops must be squared and pressed. Quilt linings must be 5” larger on both sides, top and bottom and must be seamed (if needed), and pressed. We will seam your back for $10.00. Please remember, quilting will not correct quilts with excess material in blocks or borders.

We can furnish the batting or you can furnish your own. We stock 100% cotton Warm and Natural.

Machine Binding
We prepare the continuous binding, from your fabric, and stitch the binding to the quilt front ready for you to turn to the back for .08 per inch. We will hand-stitch the binding down for .18 per inch..


Quilting Lessons
We give class lessons for $30 for a 4-hour class. Individual lessons are $12.00 per hour.

Fabric and Batting

We carry over 100 bolts of 108 inch wide fabric for quilt backings for you to choose from and Warm and Natural Batting as well as over 1,500 bolts of beautiful cotton quilter’s fabrics.


Quilt I designed and quilted for a friend’s log cabin.